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About Divorce Partner...

Our Mission:

Divorce Partner's MISSION is to properly inform and assist people that are considering, going through or have gone through a divorce.

Despite the volumes of government provided information, library of books and questionable and spotty friendly advice, the vast majority thinking about and involved in divorce are not clear about the cost, duration or outcome of their divorce and how to control them. Additionally, visitors who have already been divorced need support and information about what to expect, including what will become of them, their children, their finances and possessions, their friends, social life, and if and how to think about their love life.

We provide interested visitors with a summarized, layman’s understanding of all aspects of divorce, organized by topic and profession. It is our goal to inform our visitors about how to avoid the pitfalls that cause many people to fight through their divorce, causing them and their children great pain and expense .


Our offices are located in Marblehead, MA USA.


We can be contacted via email at


We welcome your feedback! We would prefer to receive your feedback in our feedback forum. Thank you!

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