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Where do I start?

Whether you are thinking about getting a divorce, are in the midst of a divorce or you have already gone through a divorce, there are many free or inexpensive resources that can help you understand your rights and expectations as you address the next phase off your life. That is great to know, because people in all phases of the divorce process find themselves needing lots of information and guidance but are suddenly short on cash.

The most difficult part of getting the information you need is weeding through the thousands of books and tens of millions of web pages that have information that you either don't need or, more importantly, that you don't trust. It seems like the only way to get right to the information you need will cost you as much as $350 per hour or more to speak with an attorney.

If this has been your experience, then I started Divorce Partner with you in mind. You, the old me, and the millions of peers of yours and mine in this traumatic, life-altering phase of life.

So where do you get started? I would urge you to start with the most credible information you can find that is relevant to your situation. At Divorce Partner, we have organized the major issues for you so you can locate the topics that are most important to your particular needs at the time. Then, within each of these topic areas, we have searched out some of the country's most prominent divorce professionals to educate you on each topic from the perspective of their profession.

Despite the fact that divorce is a legal process, people going through divorce need information they can trust in many areas other than the law. Clergy, Mediators, Psychologists, Coaches, Financial Planners and several other types of professionals can give you different, yet important perspectives about your divorce.

Maybe you have kids... kids whose lives will be changed forever, and who will be badly damaged if you and your one-time partner can't manage your emotions and proceed maturely and in their best interest. You need to be able to trust that the guidance you receive is top-notch, and that it is accessible.

At Divorce Partner, we will provide you with a starting point: a collection of articles and other resources like books on all aspects of divorce from some of the most respected, foremost authorities on divorce. These contributing experts summarize the information so that you get the big picture quickly and easily, and we make this information accessible to you for free. Of course, as you start working through the details of your specific situation and proceed into your divorce, you will need to consult one or more professionals to make sure that the details of your own divorce are properly understood and addressed.

So, where do you start? Start by browsing our articles, topic by topic. Start by joining in the discussion in our growing community on each of the topics. Or, you can start by clicking on the link I refer you to below to gain access to the American Bar Association's free on-line book on understanding family law.

As confused, scared, or alone as you may feel, know that you are surrounded by others that also do or have felt the same way. I wish you the best.

* NOTICE: * Any advice provided here represent the opionions and research of the writer and are for informational purposes only. For guidance relating to your specific needs, contact a professional.
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