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Post-divorce checklist

In the midst of divorce, it is sometimes difficult to envision yourself with the entire process behind you. Don't worry! The early stages may be painful, but you will get through it.

As with the divorce process, the post-divorce process also has its demands. While not as complex or prolonged as the divorce process, there is plenty to do once the divorce has been finalized.

Divorce Parnter has pulled together a post-divorce list. This will help you keep organized and systematically move through all of the changes brought about by divorce. Print this checklist and check off each item as you complete your transition.

  • Make sure you have several copies of your Judgment or Decree and Marital Settlement Agreement because you may need them for any transfer of property, accounts, debts, etc.

  • Make sure you have filed your "Certificate of Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage" with the Clerk's Office.

  • Make sure you have everything filed with the child support enforcement office.

  • If you have a hyphenated last name, or in the case of women who took their husband's name, take care of all name change notifications, including Social Security, passport and your driver's license. Include the name change as part of your divorce decree, otherwise it will cost you money if done later in the process.

  • Make sure all joint accounts are closed and distributed accordingly - including the mortgage, checking, credit card, rental agreements and any online accounts. If you have joint bank accounts to be closed, make sure there are not any outstanding checks.

  • Open a credit card in your name alone and actually use it to make a credit purchase. No need to go overboard on this, but it does make sense to build a record of using credit and using it wisely.

  • If you made any arrangements with any company for automatic withdraw or charge, be sure you contact them prior to closing accounts.

  • Make sure all property is distributed properly. If arrangements need to be made for pick-ups or drop-offs, do it as soon as possible, so you do not forget anything.

  • If there were automobiles to be transferred, be sure to take care of the title, registration and license plates.

  • If there was real estate involved in the Marital Settlement Agreement, be sure to take care of the deed work.

  • Make sure that all insurance (health, home, auto and life) is addressed and reviewed.

  • Make sure all wills are modified or changed.

  • If children are involved, thoroughly understand your custody agreement. Keep a journal of all visitation and support payments.

  • If your ex-spouse files for bankruptcy contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The bankruptcy may impact your custody and alimony agreement.

While this list is long, it may not be complete. You should consult with your attorney for a checklist specific to your divorce.

* NOTICE: * Any advice provided here represent the opionions and research of the writer and are for informational purposes only. For guidance relating to your specific needs, contact a professional.
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Post-divorce checklist

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