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Divorce From One Childs Perspective

by Sarah, age 12  

Have you ever experienced a change? One that makes you feel different forever? I have. Seven letters, d-i-v-o-r-c-e! Divorce is something that can emotionally scar you forever. And one thing is true, you are never the same person that you were before. Everyone is always telling you that things will get better in the future, and sometimes it's true, but not with divorce. Everyone is affected differently, but it tore my sister and I apart, in more ways than I can count. Nothing good comes from divorce!

It was over 4 years ago, on a sunny day when my parents told us. They said that they were going to get separated and that it would probably only be temporary. After that my dad moved into an apartment and things changed. My sister and I were moved from house to house during the weeks, leading to months, leading to over a year that followed. We slept over at our dad's house on Thursdays and every other weekend. After a year, we started to see our dad on Wednesday evenings instead of Thursday nights. During this period of time my sister and I were very confused and distraught with life. We were unhappy. The only thing that kept us going was remembering what our parents had said, "This may only be temporary". Of course, we shouldn't have gotten our hopes up because finally our parents told us that they were going to get divorced.

It was hard for me because I remembered our family, and how happy we used to be. I remembered the fights my parents used to have, but thinking back, I didn't mind. I would do anything to get my parents back together because the fights were miniscule compared to this. I just want my life back! But even to this day, things are still hard. And I will never be the happy old Sarah that I was before. I have changed. I figured that out by myself. But to this day I wish my parents would get back together, so that all the pieces would be put back together, like when something breaks and you fix it. I know that I should stop dreaming, because I have finally realized that these wishes and dreams will never again be a reality.

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Sarah, age 12's recommendation for Divorce Partner visitors:
Help!: A Girls Absolutely Indispensable Guide to Divorce and Stepfamilies  Nancy Holyoke 
  Description: I read this book and it seemed to be the best one to cover all of the things that I was going through.

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